Release date
May 2024

€ 15

The JModules portfolio module allows you to quickly add a portfolio to your website.

This module is not just a tool; it's a solution that enhances the visibility and impact of your projects through a well-organized and visually appealing presentation.

The Jmodules Portfolio module is designed to accommodate up to 10 categories, making it versatile enough to cover a wide range of industries and project types. Whether you are a graphic designer, photographer, artist, or a business looking to display an array of products, this module has something to offer. The ability to upload images, along with the automated creation of filters and pop-ups for each image, simplifies the user experience both for the portfolio owner and the viewers.

Adding a personal touch to each project is easy. The module allows you to enhance your images with titles, descriptive texts, links, and a choice of colors. These features are not just about aesthetics; they provide context and depth, offering a narrative to your work that can engage and captivate your audience.

Showcasing Projects to Clients

For freelancers and agencies, first impressions are crucial. The Jmodules Portfolio enables you to present your projects in a professional and organized manner. When meeting with potential clients, a well-structured portfolio can effectively communicate the breadth and depth of your capabilities, past work, and unique style. This can significantly boost your credibility and increase the chances of securing new projects.

A Visual Way to Display and Order Content

In sectors like real estate, interior design, or event planning, visuals are a key component of client decision-making. The Jmodules Portfolio can serve as an interactive catalog, allowing businesses to arrange their services or products visually. This organization helps clients easily navigate and explore options, making it an excellent tool for enhancing user engagement and satisfaction.

Showcasing Photography with Interactive Features

Photographers can leverage the Jmodules Portfolio to not only display their photos but also to tell the story behind each picture. The inclusion of links and pop-ups allows for a deeper dive into the context of each image, whether it's detailing the location, the inspiration behind the shot, or the technical aspects of photography. This added layer of interaction can transform a simple photo display into an immersive experience for the viewer.


  • mb avatar 4set name
  • set number of columns, desktop and mobile
  • load font awesome if not loaded already
  • set height of tiles
  • set text top padding, to display text just als you like it
  • center text option
  • show hover effect
  • show link icon and set it using font awesome
  • show zoom icon and set is using font awesome
  • set various color options, for accent color and hover color
  • set up to 10 portfolio categories
  • set up to 200 portfolio items
  • set mobile breakpoint and number of columns on mobile





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