Maps Locator

Release date
May 2024

€ 15

The JModules maps locator allows you to visualize your presence using google maps. 

This module provides a convenient way to place multiple markers on Google Maps, which is particularly handy for highlighting locations such as shop fronts or office buildings. Users can customize each marker by adjusting its width and height, ensuring that each point of interest stands out appropriately on the map. Additionally, the module offers several methods to fill the pop-up details for each marker, allowing for a more informative and interactive map experience.

The map's functionality extends to automatically adjusting its zoom level to encompass all the set markers, providing a seamless view of all specified locations. This feature ensures that users can instantly get a comprehensive overview of all markers without manually adjusting the map's scale. This makes the module an excellent tool for businesses wanting to showcase multiple locations or for personal use in mapping out points of interest across a wider area.

This module enables you to set several markers based on addresses on a google map. Very useful if you want to show your shops, or your offices on a map. You can set the marker, width, height and per pointer, there are serveral ways to populate the marker's popup.  The map automatically zooms to the markers reach.

What kind of real-life cases can you think of?

  • show the locations of your shops
  • show the locations of your events
  • show the locations of your equipment

Check below for an example!

  • mb avatar 4frontend: search address
  • frontend: get directions from your location
  • frondend: all google maps features
  • set Google maps API Key (required)
  • set height in pixels
  • set custom marker icon
  • set popup widht and height
  • set maptype
  • mobile ready
  • choose layout, with or without address bar
  • various language settings to customize the module to your needs
  • varouse color settings, to met the module blend in with your template
  • per location: name / street / zip+ city / country / phone / extra / link. All fields are optional, and no label is shown, making them usable for all kinds of data.



You need a working Google maps API key from google for this module. How to get one is described here.

  1. Go to and follow the steps. 
    You need to add billing details!
  2. Create a project
  3. Get your credentials (this is the code you have to enter for the module to work)
  4. Once you have this, add the following API's to the credentials or the module will not work:
    - Geocoding API
    - Maps Javascript API
  5. Once this is setup, it should work. 
  6. Optionally you could restrict your project, to certain websites. I would advise you to do so.



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