J4.X / J5
Release date
May 2024

€ 15

The Jmodules FAQ module is an innovative solution designed to streamline the user experience.

This module offers a variety of features and settings that allow web developers and site administrators to tailor the FAQ section to match the aesthetic and functional needs of their website. Here’s a comprehensive guide to utilizing the Jmodules FAQ module effectively.

1. Column Configuration

  • Set the Number of Columns: Users can determine how many columns the FAQ section should have, allowing for a more flexible display of information depending on the available space and design preference.

2. FAQ Box Styling

  • Background, Border, and Radius: Customize the background color, border style, and the radius of the corners to integrate the FAQ box seamlessly with the site’s overall design.
  • Width: Adjust the width of the FAQ boxes to ensure they fit well within the site layout without disrupting the user interface.

3. Icons and Visual Indicators

  • Set FA Icon: Choose from a range of Font Awesome icons to use as visual indicators or markers next to FAQ questions, enhancing readability and visual appeal.

4. Visual Depth

  • Set Shadow Strength for the Box: Adjust the shadow around the FAQ box to create a sense of depth, making the FAQ section stand out or subtly blend in with the rest of the content.

5. Typography

  • Font Sizing Options: Modify the font size within the FAQ section to ensure that the text is legible and well-suited to the overall typography of the site.

6. Interaction Dynamics

  • Set Toggle Speed: Control how fast the answers to the FAQ questions expand or collapse upon being clicked, which helps in maintaining a smooth and responsive user interaction.

The Jmodules FAQ module installs just like any regular module and can be positioned anywhere on a website. This flexibility allows it to be incorporated into various parts of a site, from dedicated FAQ pages to sidebar widgets or even embedded within content pages.

The installation process is straightforward, ensuring that even those with minimal technical knowledge can set up and start using the module quickly.

  • Enhanced User Experience: By providing clear, accessible answers to common questions, the FAQ module helps improve the overall user experience, reducing frustration and increasing user engagement.
  • Customizable Design: The wide range of styling options ensures that the FAQ section can be designed to look like an integral part of the site, maintaining brand consistency.
  • Flexibility: The ability to place the FAQ module anywhere on the site provides versatility in how information is presented to users.
  • Ease of Use: With simple installation and intuitive setup options, the module is user-friendly not only for the site visitors but also for the administrators and developers configuring it.


 How do I install the Jmodules FAQ module on my website?

Installing the Jmodules FAQ module is similar to any regular module. First, download the module from our website. Next, upload it to your site's module directory and activate it through your website's administration panel. 

 Can I customize the look of my FAQ section?

Absolutely! The Jmodules FAQ module allows you to set the number of columns, choose colors for the background and border, adjust border radius, and set the width of your FAQ box to match your site's design. You can also select different icons and adjust shadow strength for added style.

 What options are available for changing text appearance?

You can customize the font size within your FAQ section to ensure it aligns with the readability standards and overall aesthetic of your website. This helps maintain a consistent and professional look throughout your site.

 Is it possible to control the toggle speed of the FAQ answers?

Yes, the module provides an option to set the toggle speed at which the answers to your FAQ questions expand or collapse. This feature helps enhance the user experience by allowing users to navigate through the information at a comfortable pace.

 Can I place the Jmodules FAQ module anywhere on my website?

The Jmodules FAQ module is highly versatile and can be placed anywhere on your website. Whether you want it on a dedicated FAQ page, as a sidebar widget, or even within specific content pages, the module can be easily integrated into various sections as per your requirements.

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