J4.X / J5
Release date
May 2024

€ 19

The JModules charts module is based on charts.js, and allows for very fast deployment of charts for your next Joomla! project.  

We have line charts, bar charts (vertical and horizontal) pie charts, and doughnut charts. 

The JModules Charts module, leveraging the power of charts.js, streamlines the integration of dynamic charts into your Joomla! projects with remarkable efficiency. Whether you're in need of line charts, vertical or horizontal bar charts, pie charts, or doughnut charts, this module offers a comprehensive suite of options. From single data displays to grouped data presentations, it caters to diverse visualization needs, empowering you to craft insightful representations of your data effortlessly.

At the heart of your enterprise cockpit, this module serves as an indispensable tool for illuminating trends, patterns, and insights within your data. With its seamless deployment and versatile customization capabilities, JModules Charts elevates the visual aspect of your Joomla! projects, enabling you to deliver compelling data-driven experiences to your audience with ease.

First, select your type in the chart settings tab. Here you set single or grouped data. Then you can go to the corresponding tab and start adding your data.

Single data

You can enter single data in the following manner:


Enter a bar label, the value that goes along with it, and set the color for this entry.

Let'see it in action: A simple pie chart (click on the years, to filter them)

Grouped data

You also have the option to use grouped data, this is slightly more complicated. This example shows graphic cards, with their performance values in certain games. charts3

Make sure the amount of labels is equal to the data for each option ( in this example, each game name) You can even select the type of chart you want: a bar or a line. Let's see this in action (note: you can select or de-select a row by clicking on the item in the description at the top!)

GPU Type

These are just some options you can choose from. We have line charts, pie charts, doughnut charts and horizontal and vertical bars. You can set colors for each value, making charts for your next Joomla! process a breeze! 

  • mb avatar 4Responsive charts for your website
  • Set colors for each bar, rgba, with transparancy
  • unlimited bars or lines
  • chart types: horizontal bar, virtical bar, line, pie, doughnut and combined lines and bars
  • set chart title
  • set chart width
  • set chart height
  • single data options: bar label, data, color
  • Grouped data options: charts label, bar label, data, type (bar or line), color








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