Article Slider

J4.X / J5
Release date
May 2024

€ 15

This module adds a slider based on your content articles to your site in a few seconds.

With the Slider module, you can effortlessly inject dynamic flair into your website by integrating a sleek slider featuring your content articles. In just a matter of seconds, watch as your site comes to life with a visually stunning showcase of your articles, effortlessly capturing the attention of your audience. Whether you're highlighting featured content, displaying recent updates, or showcasing product offerings, this module offers a hassle-free solution for elevating the presentation of your website's content.

This module adds a slider based on your content articles to your site in a few seconds.

  1. Allowing up to 20 slides with images and text
  2. Setting categories, ordering
  3. Setting controls


  • mb avatar 4J4/J5 module
  • easy to setup
  • Set interval of images
  • Set show controls or not
  • Set height
  • Links to article
  • Set optional header / text
  • Set text alginment
  • Set background-color for text





The example show 5 article intro images, with pagination, sliding. You can place it in an article, as shown here, but also in a module position, for instance a banner, making it full-with!



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