Frequently asked questions


 What license is used?

We use GNU GENERAL PUBLIC LICENSE Version 2 in all of our extensions, which is the authoritative. 

 Can i get a refund?

No you cannot get a refund. The products are digital, and due to their type, and the fact that they are easily copied, we cannot provide a refund.

 What kind of support is available?

We provide clear and intuitive documentation for all of our extensions, as well as video tutorials on the basics. We also have an advanced ticket support system in place, allowing you to report problems directly and get our assistance ASAP. We have office hours mon-fri 0900-1700 CEST.

 Who can get support?

Paid subscribers are entitled to support. 

 Can I keep using the module after my subscription ends?

Yes you can! However you will not be able to take advantage of new updates and/or features. If for some reason the module stops working you will have to buy a new subscription

 Can I install the module on multiple domains?

You can install our modules on as many domains as you want. There is no domain check or restriction.

 Can I alter the code?

The modules are fully open source and the code is NOT encrypted in any way. 

You are free to change the code to your likings. However: If you alter the modules, we can no longer provide support on any problems you encounter. Also if you update or reinstall the module, all changes you made will be lost.

 How do i cancel my subscription?

All our subscriptions do not renew, so it is a one time payment, for a certian period. You do not have to cancel them, they wil just run out.