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Cloudfaction specializes in Joomla templating and joomla workflow projects. We create dynamic website, intranets and social networks, based on Joomla. 

Intranets must also provide added value to the organization. How does an intranet contribute? From the perspective of the goals & performance required by the organization and from the perspective of the employee and his / her individuality (talent, skills, needs).

Our intranet must stimulate the senses: The employee wants to be able to use the intranet functionally; "There must be something to do, and there must be something to be obtained". You want to be able to submit your digital requests or open your work stock immediately. Research shows that if the intranet can be designed more according to your own wishes, the intranet will also be used more.

We understand intranets. We understand communication, we understand business processes. We offer solutions for your intranet business issues. We will make a thorough inventory of your business processes and translate these into easily applicable solutions.

You work together on an intranet. Our intranets are in line with your organization and provide tailor-made processes. This includes a solid workflow that will relieve employees of work. Our intranets contribute to a more efficient organization, which will help employees function better.

Our intranets are social. Leave it open all day, and take in relevant information at different times of the day and support you in your daily activities. An intranet should do that, and our intranets do that.

With experience of intranet implementations in various industries, our solutions can help you too.

Please visit (dutch website) for more information, or contact us directly at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 

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