JMod TweetDisplay Documentation


1. Register at and there create an new App

2. After Registration, input in App name, e.g. "_domain name_ App", description, e.g "My Twitter App", and write the address of your website. Check "I agree" next to their terms of service and click "create your Twitter application"

3. After this you app will be created. Click "Create my access token" and you should see at the bottom "access token" and "access token secret". Refresh the page if you don't see them.

4. Copy to module settings "Consumer key", "Consumer secret", "Access token" and "Access secret"

5.  !!!!!!!! Don't forget to a) Publish It b) Choose a Position that is working on your template and c) Make Menu Assignment ---> choose pages/menus it will appear


Q: Why do I have to trouble with all of this?
A: Twitter is removing access for all unauthorized requests, so every extension which wants to connect to Twitter must use authentication, otherwise it will stop working (many already have).

Q: My module doesn't work!
A: Make sure that you have copied the correct keys. If widget type is set to timeline, make sure you chose a valid Twitter username. If widget type is set to search, Twitter may return error if search query is extremely complex.

Q: Do you cache results?
A: Yes, but you should almost always see the latest tweets. Module will always try to get the latest tweets and save them to a cache. In case of a problem, tweets will be retrived from the cache. For high traffic sites (more than 10.000 visits per day), you may occasionally get tweets from the cache, as Twitter doesn't allow more than 180 requests per 15 minutes. If you use more requests than allowed, module will display latest saved tweets from the cache, until new 15 minute window opens.